MSU Extension Cover Crops. Crimson clover’s main benefits are quick development during cool climate, color threshold and a reseeding potential that is positive.

MSU Extension Cover Crops. Crimson clover’s main benefits are quick development during cool climate, color threshold and a reseeding potential that is positive.

Crimson Clover

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Crimson clover’s main benefits are quick development during cool climate, color tolerance and a good reseeding potential. Hence, crimson clover could be planted at the beginning of springtime or autumn for weed control, or overseeded in corn at 2nd cultivation or perhaps in soybeans at leaf fall. Due to the color threshold and reseeding prospective, crimson normally effective as an income address in orchards.



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Crimson clover can tolerate just about any soil type, but prefers loam soils with good drainage. Stay away from it in poorly drained soils, but, as a result of prospective condition dilemmas. Inoculate the seed with Rhizobium inoculant for real clovers whenever planting in a field by which a nodulated true clover has perhaps perhaps perhaps not been grown within the last 36 months. Seed germination and seedling survival need cool, not cool, night temperatures (not as much as 60″F) and soil moisture that is sufficient. Much like numerous address plants, crimson clover seed germinates better and needs lower seeding prices whenever drilled than whenever broadcast. Crimson seed should always be planted at a level of 0.25- to 0.5-inch. If broadcasting crimson seed, disk it lightly to include. Plant at a level of 12-20 lbs/A, utilizing the reduced price in cool soils therefore the higher level in warmer soils. Planting crimson by having a lawn can really help avoid some cold weather kill. In this full situation, 15 lb/A of crimson seed is enough, along side 1.5 to 2 bu/A of a cereal (oats, barley, wheat), or 18-25 lb/A of annual ryegrass seed.

Crimson clover in crop rotation


As with every address plants, killing time for crimson clover is dependent upon the planting date for the succeeding crop and/or soil dampness. In a spring that is dry destroy the cover very very early to avoid water strain on the succeeding crop. In a standard or damp 12 months, covers is killed one or more week ahead of growing a summer time money crop to permit enough time for residue decomposition. Crimson clover are killed by moldboard plowing or with herbicides (see managing Cover Crops in Michigan information sheet).

The principal drawbacks to clover that is crimson the seed price and possibility of winter kill, although both these challenges may improvement in the longer term as new varieties are developed. In addition, cold weather kill might be useful since it actually leaves a field prepared for springtime work. If adequate development happens within the autumn, frost-killed crimson provides numerous address crop advantages, including security against soil erosion and efforts to soil natural matter. It should be noted, however, that a crimson clover stand this is certainly cold temperatures killed will likely release a lot of its nitrogen ahead of optimum uptake because of the corn crop that is succeeding.

Crimson clover can be purchased in hard-seeded and soft-seeded varieties. Hard-seeded varieties (including Chief and Dixie) will hold back until autumn to germinate if seed is defined in belated springtime. Those varieties by having a big percentage of difficult seed are perfect for self-reseeding, which will be frequently desired in orchards.

Sources: Kellogg Biological facility Cover Crops Research Program; Northeast Cover Crop Handbook, Marianne Sarrantonio, 1994, Rodale Institute; handling Cover Crops Profitably, Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program, USDA .

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